Tactical Baton Carry Cert.

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Your car has a flat in a rough area of town. By the time you get the jack out of the trunk, you’ve attracted unwanted local attention. They step towards you… Your hand eases back and closes around the baton in your hip pocket.

Learn defensive use of the tactical baton. Discussion includes your use of force options and the legal implications. All participants must pass a written and physical test to receive a TN state-recognized carry permit. Batons are provided for in-class use only, not for take home.
$100.00 per person
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Women’s Self-defense

Call 615-828-5384 for dates on the next 4 hour session

$100.00 per person / $50.00 per additional family member

As you walk toward your car, you hear footsteps closing in behind you. Glancing over your shoulder, you see a person with their full intent on you. Up ahead, you see another person “hanging out” near your car… What do you do now?

This is a 4 hour course. The first 2 hours serves as an introductory lecture in developing threat awareness, the survival mindset, managing contact panic and the laws pertaining to self-defense; the second 2 hours is a hands-on segment that deals with the “how-to” of manipulating human nature, being grabbed, escapes and how-to shut down the attacker.

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One – on – One with Levi

When: let’s set a time
Where: your place or mine

– private or your group –

Private w Levi 60 min session $100 PwL60 Sign up90 min session $150 PwL90 Sign up

Semi-private w Levi 60 min session $75 ea.SPwL60 Sign up 90 min session $125 ea.SPwL90 Sign up
Click “One-on-One w Levi” or go to “courses” for topic description – pick the topic!

(popular topics)

  • Self-defense / Self-offense
  • Home and family defense
  • Denominational Safety Training
  • Weapon Handling- Handgun, Edged weapon, Tactical baton
  • Visual Man Tracking

Training by the month (in-house group session) – 4 / 90 min sessions (Mon 7:00pm – 8:30pm) $150.00TBM Sign Up

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