Women’s Self-defense

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$100.00 per person / $50.00 per additional family member

As you walk toward your car, you hear footsteps closing in behind you. Glancing over your shoulder, you see a person with their full intent on you. Up ahead, you see another person “hanging out” near your car… What do you do now?

This is a 4 hour course. The first 2 hours serves as an introductory lecture in developing threat awareness, the survival mindset, managing contact panic and the laws pertaining to self-defense; the second 2 hours is a hands-on segment that deals with the “how-tos” of manipulating human nature, being grabbed, escapes and how-to shut down the attacker.

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One – on – One with Levi

When: let’s set a time
Where: your place or mine

– private or your group –

Private w Levi 60 min session $100 PwL60 Sign up90 min session $150 PwL90 Sign up

Semi-private w Levi 60 min session $75 ea.SPwL60 Sign up 90 min session $125 ea.SPwL90 Sign up
Click “One-on-One w Levi” or go to “courses” for topic description – pick the topic!

(popular topics)

  • Self-defense / Self-offense
  • Home and family defense
  • Denominational Safety Training
  • Weapon Handling- Handgun, Edged weapon, Tactical baton
  • Visual Man Tracking

Training by the month (in-house group session) – 4 / 90 min sessions (Thur 7:15pm  – 8:45pm) $150.00

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