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Levi Montgomery

Levi Montgomery

Levi Montgomery is co-owner and chief instructor for Priority One’s “Self Defense Nashville”, located in Nashville, TN. His law enforcement career began in 1979, and his postings as a police officer have included SWAT, undercover, vice, patrol and tactical training officer. With an extensive background in police tactics, weapons use and Martial Arts, his unique methods of controlling aggression have been recognized and implemented throughout the US and abroad by special operation groups such as Team MIKE in Kosovo, H8 (Hostile Area Tactical Escort) Teams in Iraq and special interest groups operating out of the western U.S. In addition, Montgomery is a Master Tracking Instructor trainer, instructing law enforcement and military personnel throughout the United States and Canada in the use of police tactics and Visual/Tactical Man Tracking.

The threatening nature of many of Montgomery’s work environments – particularly undercover operations with no back-up support – led him to create a method of dealing with aggression that is hidden from those around him while effectively managing the physical situation, both without appearing to be the aggressor. This method has become his trademark, earning him well-deserved praise and respect from students, practitioners and law enforcement administration.

Levi MontgomeryMontgomery’s non-conventional, open-minded approach to exploring a topic keeps the training sessions fresh and engaging. Because he’s always seeking a “better way” to deal with aggression, he has challenged many of the current methods in use and has developed, and continues to develop new methods that effectively address today’s issues via alternative means. While maintaining the highest degree of safety, he’s not adverse to altering or even completely changing, commonly accepted training standards and “rules” in order to create realistic and dynamic training procedures.

Dr Bass and Levi MontgomeryMontgomery’s life long quest for understanding the human body was complemented with complex training in Fragmentary Human Osteology and bone identification from Dr. Bill Bass, author of “Death’s Acre – The Body Farm” and forensics anthropologist Dr. Hugh Berryman. Montgomery has been seen on The Learning Channel working with Dr. Berryman in the recovery of skeletal remains and trace evidence in and around Tennessee and Georgia. Additionally, his expertise in the use of the edged weapon has made him a regular lecturer for Dr. Lee Jantz of the University of Tennessee’s Forensic Department, lecturing on blade use vs. injuries and the identification of edged weapon marks to the skeletal structure.

Montgomery’s in-depth understanding of physical confrontations has drawn interest from both Hollywood and local filmmakers, where his expertise has been used to create realistic fight choreography, stunts and safe weapons handling. His acting career began in 1993 with a role in HBO’s Attica, Against The Wall and continues Sam J and Lcurrently with his role as “Frankie” on the web TV series Johnny Dynamo Season 2 and “Diesel Dollorhide” in the web TV comedy Bounty Momma. He can also be seen in a number of feature films, music videos and live performance. Because of the ease with which he interacts and relates to the production staff and fellow actors, he has earned both their respect and trust.

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