Civilian Training Courses

SAFE by CHOICE: – (Click on each Course for more information) We offer two training options, on-going or individual courses. On-going training is at a different pricing schedule than the fee posted in the course description. Classes meet 7pm – 8:30pm, Tuesday & Thursday.

Rules of Engagement – 8 sessions (12 Hours) $300.00

By creating an awareness of the real threat, not the physical contact pressures, you learn how to control contact panic and use the options available to shut down the attack. – Levi Montgomery –

Develop and create the mindset to take the advantage in a physical confrontation through your in-depth understanding of the rules of human nature. Explore how to identify priorities and establish an effective plan of action. We’ll also discuss the legal implications.
($300.00) Make a deposit or pay in full.

Self-Offense – 8 sessions (12 Hours) $300.00

“The rule of winning a fight is to always be in the offense mindset because you are mentally/physically operating from the position of advantage.” – Levi Montgomery

Develop an offensive mindset through the concepts of physical probabilities and limitations and best body positioning for striking accuracy and power. Learn the rules of impact and the “how-to’s” of kinetic linking and weight transfer with emphasis on making “the sale” and forcing the grab.
($300.00) Make a deposit or pay in full.

Self-Defense – 8 sessions (12 Hours) $300.00

As you walk toward your car, you hear footsteps closing in behind you. Glancing over your shoulder, you see a person with their full intent on you. Up ahead, you see another man “hanging out” at the corner… What now?

This scenario-based course teaches you how to quickly review your options and take action to avoid the confrontation altogether or to free yourself from any grabs or attack, using a variety of mental and physical applications. We also discuss your legal rights and implications.
($300.00) Make a deposit or pay in full.

Tactical Baton (Incl. Carry Permit Cert.) – 4 sessions (6 Hours) $150.00

You’re car has a flat in a rough area of town. By the time you get the jack out of the trunk, you’ve attracted unwanted local attention. They step towards you… Your hand eases back and closes around the baton in your hip pocket.

Learn about and practice offensive and defensive use of the tactical baton. Discussion includes your use of force options and the legal implications. All participants must pass a written and physical test to receive a state-recognized carry permit. Batons are provided for class use only, not for take home.
($150.00) Make a deposit or pay in full.

Defensive Use of the Edged Weapon – 8 sessions (12 Hours) $300.00

You’re pinned to the ground with your attacker on top of you, his hands around your throat. Unable to break free, you feel yourself slipping towards unconsciousness, in which case your chance of survival isn’t good! You’re about out of air and ideas—you reach for the knife in your pocket…

The blade is a last-ditch defensive tool. This “how-to” class is for educational purposes only and explores targets and their effects, blade grips, strikes, limitations and ways of defending your weapon. You’ll acquire hands-on proficiency through practical blade handling drills. We’ll discuss the use of this weapon and the legal implications.
($300.00) Make a deposit or pay in full.

Hand Gun Basics level 1 – 4 Hours $100.00

The Safe Hand Gunning level 1 course covers: basic hand gun safety and awareness, nomenclature and parts identification, weapon disassemble/assemble, cleaning, grip, stance, basic trigger control, ammo and targeting… and an introduction into level 11 training. (no live fire) A perfect opportunity to get familiar with your weapon and get your questions answered!! NO AMMO NEEDED, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. ($100.00) pay in full.

Hand Gun Basics level 11 – 4 Hours $200.00

The Safe Hand Gunning level 11 course picks up where basic hand gun level 1 ended. This training introduces the proper drawing sequence and weapon presentation, natural point of aim, advanced trigger control, foot movement, muzzling and cross fire drills. The laws of assault, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and the legal requirements for justified self-defense are thoroughly explored… and an introduction into the weapon’s use under stress. (no live fire) Get your skill set on and your questions answered!! NO AMMO NEEDED, LEVEL 1 TRAINING IS A PREREQUISITE. ($200.00) pay in full.

Safe Hand-Gunning Under Stress – 1 day (8 hours) or 8 sessions (12 Hours, see on-going schedule) $300.00

You’re at movie with your wife and kids when a fight erupts in the next row. As you edge your family away from the action,  one man lands a hard blow and the other pulls a gun. Hand on your legally concealed firearm, you continue moving your family out of harm’s way, your eyes locked on the gunman and his gun.

Learn safe hand-gunning in a hands-on, physically active, “no-live-ammo” classroom setting. Explore hand gunning mechanics from “on foot” and grounded positions. We’ll focus on grip, mental attitude, muzzle and crossfire awareness, on/off trigger drills, gun retention/defense, target acquisition /effects and legal implications. No handgun experience necessary; all information for educational purposes only.
($300.00) Make a deposit or pay in full.

Joint & Nerve Controls – 8 sessions (12 Hours) $300.00

It’s a slight fender bender, but the man whose car you hit is irate. Cursing loudly, he barrels towards you, grabbing your arm and giving you a rough shake. “Let me go!” you say, trying to stay calm. His grip tightens as he threatens to pound you to a pulp…

Knowing how to manipulate joints and/or apply nerve pressure can offer you options to physically striking out… and provide immediate advantage over the attacker at the moment of physical contact. The potential fight ends with the attacker “nailed” to the ground, unable to move, while you wait for the police to arrive.
($300.00) Make a deposit or pay in full.

Awareness of Your Awareness – 4 sessions (6 Hours) $150.00

As you approach your car and prepare to place your purchases in the trunk, you have that nagging feeling that someone is watching you. You glance around the parking lot, at the van with tinted windows parked nearby. You see no one, but … is that a footstep?

Being self-aware is the first step in developing awareness of others and of your surroundings. Learning to identify what “things” cause you to respond or put you on alert, helps you to manage contact panic in yourself and to create it in those who mean you harm.
($150.00) Make a deposit or pay in full.

Personal Protection – Lecture/hands-on (3 Hours) $150.00

It’s a perfect day for a jog, you think to yourself, as you make your way along the hike and bike trail,  …down the trail a man steps out in front of you and stops. His eyes lock onto yours, it’s clear he’s not here for exercise.

First on the agenda, we identify your personal priorities and discuss the problems associated with stereotyping an attacker. Second, we play the “what-if” game as you explore ways to manage contact panic and gain an understanding of the colors of awareness. This is followed by learning the legal requirements and implications of self-defense. Lastly, you’ll acquire self-confidence by practicing the “how-tos” of physical escapes and points of release.
($150.00) Make a deposit or pay in full

Principles of Physical Interaction – 8 sessions (12 Hours) $300.00

You suspect someone is following you, so you cross the street. So does he. You knock on the door of the nearest row house, then the next. No one home… You take a deep breath and turn to face your pursuer, now mere steps away.

When physical confrontation is unavoidable, know what to do to manipulate your opponent’s lines of attack. We’ll teach you to understand ranging rings, actions vs. reactions, rhythm and timing, and to get a read on the physical and mental indicators.
($300.00) Make a deposit or pay in full.

Instructor Development – 4 sessions (6 Hours) $300.00

You know your topic backwards and forwards, but as you face a roomful of students, your thoughts tumble about,  scattered and unfocused. “Uhhh,” you begin helplessly…

No one is a born teacher. Learn to communicate comfortably and effectively via dynamic presentation, topic relativity and sequencing, voice inflection, eye contact, identifying and using common language, “reading” your audience, managing the use of “filler words,” and more.
($300.00) Make a deposit or pay in full.

Physical Targets/Effects – 2 sessions (3 Hours) $150.00

You are confronted with one option: fight for your life or die. You’ve seen it many times in movies – the palm strike driving the nose into the brain, the attacker dropping to the ground, dead. You fire your strike as hard as you can, hitting him squarely in the nose. POW!! To your dismay and shock, he not only doesn’t fall down dead, but is now even more intent on your demise.

Appropriate use of systemic and structural targets can offer realistic options for self-defense or escaping an attack. Unfortunately, commercially generated effects and the realities of such are seldom the same. We’ll explore the physical anatomy in relation to impact and contact targets, and discuss perceived effects and the physiological realities.
($150.00) Make a deposit or pay in full.

Essentials for “Advantage” Developement – 8 sessions (12 Hours) $300.00

It’s incredibly difficult to regain the advantage once you’ve lost it. – Levi Montgomery –

Explore the principles and fundamentals for gaining or creating a superior or more favorable mental/physical position to an opponent. Beginners learn the foundation for all topics taught at BASETAC – the basic building blocks of self-offensive/defense and confrontation management. Ongoing students expand upon their current training for more effective advantage development.
($300.00) Make a deposit or pay in full.

Self-defense and Edged Weapon – 8 sessions (12 Hours) $300.00

My self-defense program identifies the problems of being mentally/physically at the disadvantage. This training helps create the mental/physical attitudes needed to recognize the options of recovering the advantage through the use of a lethal option.

Study the attitudes and principles of self-defense along with the use of the edged weapon as a defensive tool. Emphasis is on the legal aspects and implications.
($300.00) Make a deposit or pay in full.

Improvised Weapons and Targets> – 8 sessions (12 Hours) $300.00

For whatever reason, you find yourself without any of your traditional weapons when you need them the most. What do you do?

This session provides conceptual training in identifying potential “at hand” objects that can be used as a tool for protection. Targets, effects, legal aspects and implications are explored.
($300.00) Make a deposit or pay in full.

Fight class – (TBA) 90 min – $25.00 per session

To learn how to fight, you have to do it! – Levi Montgomery-

Learn how to manipulate physical contact in this hands-on session, where the only in-class, “out-of-bounds” targets are the front of the knees. Head gear, padded hand gear and mouth and groin protection are required for all participants. The use of any/all comfort padding is highly encouraged. Injury prevention in class is a priority!

Open classTBA or as scheduled

These sessions are not topic specific and are used as practice time to answer any participant questions and work on any previous class topics.

One – on – One w Levi $175 / 60 min session, $200 / 90 min session

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