A.C.T. Now!

Our approach to personal safety is based on BASETAC’s A.C.T. formula…


The attitude you display will encourage OR discourage the interaction between you and the attacker. One of our goals is to help you develop a survival attitude by learning the appropriate response options available to you in time of need. Once understood, you will be operating at peak performance equipped with the most essential elements of self-defense …awareness and confidence.


The personal commitment required to survive an attack is no less than the total commitment a mother makes in protecting her child from harm.

Our commitment, is to provide you with the training necessary to control contact panic while achieving a realist perception of the true threat. Once recognized, you will be able to respond in an exceedingly effective manner.


Priority One’s training process…

1. Implementing a training program based on environmental realism and repetition.

2. Learning offensive and defensive control techniques that are not dependent upon size, strength or an open environment to accomplish.

3. Have the option and ability to control, render unconscious or terminate the attackers ability to continue, with out appearing extreme to those observing.

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