Levi Montgomery

Nashville, TN
6’ 210 lbs

Professional Law Enforcement/Military tactical trainer, Self-defense/Self-offense instructor, armorer/modern weapons expert, stunts/stunt coordinator, fight choreographer, personal trainer, public speaker, repelling, biker/Harley rider, horse back riding, tattoos and piercings, skeletal recovery, man tracking, welder/metal fabricator, carpentry/wood working, fx blood work, wire flying rigger


  • Against the Wall – 1993, John Frankenheimer/HBO.
    • “Levi” non-credited.
  • The Conviction of Kitty Dodd – 1993, Michael Tuchner.
    • “Videographer” non-credited.
  • Prisoner – 2005, Robert Lynn/David Alford.
    • Fight Choreographer.
  • Adrenaline – 2005, Robert Lynn/David Alford.
    • “Security Officer”, Fight Choreographer, Armorer.
  • Deadbox (Havoc) – 2006, Robert Lynn.
    • “Montgomery”, Fight Choreographer, Armorer.
  • Junkyard Dog – 2008, Kim Bass.
    • Armorer, Prop Master.
  • Kill Speed – 2009, Kim Bass.
    • “DIA Agent”, Armorer, Prop Master.
  • Falls the Shadow – 2011, Steven Forrest Berryessa.
    • Weapon Master, Set Security.
  • Closer to God (Elizabeth) – 2013, Billy Senese.
    • “Tom”.
  • The Body Sculptor – 2014, Joe Thomas.
    • “DEA Agent Mick”, Stunt Coordinator, Armorer, Set Security.
  • John Doe – 2017, Billy Senese.
    • “Psych Ward Orderly”.
  • Going Down – 2017, Marty Young.
    • “Bodyguard”.
  • Soldier’s Joy – 2017, Danny Ramsey.
    • featured extra, fight/stunt choreography.

Film Shorts

  • Yard Sale – 2006, Robert Lynn/ David Alford.
    • FX Blood Work, Props.
  • Falling To The Top – 2007, Wes Edwards.
    • Wire Flying Rigger.
  • Night Out With The Boys – 2007, Allison Stroud.
    • “Glenn Rynolds”.
  • The Mother Hen – 2007, Carlos Griffen.
    • Armorer, Tactical Consultant.
  • Self Offense – 2014, Wendy Keeling.
    • “Self-Offense Instructor”, Armorer, Stunt Coordinator.
  • Lily – 2014, Joe Thomas.
    • “Biker Patron”, Armorer.


  •  A Girl Without a Name – 2015, Joseph A. Drake.
    • “Wilson”.

Music Video

  • Cali – 2006, Jonny Kingsbury.
    • Wire Flying Rigger.
  • To Late To Worry – Joe Dee Messina – 2006, Peter Zavadil.
    • “Police Officer”.
  • Georgia Peach – Lauren Alaina – 2011, David McClister.
    • “Hardcore Biker”.
  • Way Out –Michael Atha (aka -Yela Wolf) – 2013, Potsy Ponciroli.
    • Wire Flying Rigger.
  • Broken – Jake Bugg – 2013, Andrew Douglas.
    • “Fighting Biker”.
  • Bourbon in Kentucky – Dierks Bently – 2013, Ryan Pallotta.
    • Stunt Coordinator.
  • Cowboy Way – Mikel Knight – 2014, Mr. Boom Town.
    • “SWAT Team Leader”, Armorer, Tactical Consultant.
  • There’s a Girl – Trent Harmon – 2016, Roman White.
    • “Biker”.
  • Corporation – Jack White – 2018, Jodeb.
    • Stunt Coordinator, Stunt Player.


  • Johnny Dynamo, Season 2 –  2014, Joe Thompson.
    • “Frankie”.
  • The Accidental President – 2014, Joe Thompson.
    • “Dennis Reed” Secret Service.
  • Bounty Momma – 2014, Wendy Keeling.
    • “Bertis T. (Diesel) Dollarhide”, Armorer, Stunt Coordinator.
  • The Azreal Project – 2018, Alison Stroud.
    • “Executioner”, Stunt Coordinator.

Movie Trailer

  • The Corsican – 2014, Steven Berryessa.
    • Featured Extra “Biker”, Set Security.
  • Against The Shadow’s Grain – 2016, Jim Dougherty.
    • “Biker”.

Live Performance

  • SWD – (Opryland Event Center) 2012, Ian Quinn.
    •  Stunt/talent “Special Ops Solder”.

Levi as "Wilson"

Levi as “Wilson”

Levi as armorer on the set of Children of War

Levi as armorer on the set of Children of War

as Diesel on Bounty Momma

as Diesel on “Bounty Momma”

as DEA agent "Mick" The Body Sculptor

as DEA agent “Mick” The Body Sculptor

with Nellie Sciutto on The Body Sculptor set

with Nellie Sciutto (Shutter Island) on The Body Sculptor set

Johnny Dynamo crew

Johnny Dynamo crew

Levi and Tiny Lister "The Body Sculptor"

Levi and Tiny Lister “The Body Sculptor”

Levi and Al Snow "The Body Sculptor"

Levi and Al Snow “The Body Sculptor”

Levi and Terry Kiser on the set of Johnny Dynamo

Levi and Terry Kiser (Weekend at Bernie’s) on the set of Johnny Dynamo

The Corsican set with Eddie George and Ron Berryessa

The Corsican set with Eddie George and Ron Berryessa

with my friend James Michael {SixxAM)

with my friend James Michael {SixxAM)

Jake Bugg “Broken” Music Video

Jeremy Childs "Victor" and Levi "Tom" on the set of "Elizabeth"

Jeremy Childs “Victor” and Levi “Tom” on the set of “Closer to God”

Michael Atha aka Yela Wolf "Way Out" music video

Michael Atha aka Yela Wolf “Way Out” music video

as "Tom" on the set of "Elizabeth"

as “Tom” on the set of “Closer to God”

Brad Dorif

Brad Dourif and Levi

Danny Trajo

Levi and Danny Trajo

Eliias Koteas, julian McMahon

Elias Koteas, Levi, Julian McMahon, Matt Charette “Prisoner”

Kyle MacLachlan

Kyle MacLachlan and Levi


Levi (Dead Box)

Sam J and Ljpg

Sam Jackson and Levi “Attica, Against The Wall”

Tom Arnold

Levi and Tom Arnold

Vivica Fox

Vivica Fox and Levi

Galadrial Stineman

Galadrial Stineman and Levi

Julian and Levi 1

Julian McMahon and Levi “Prisoner”

Innis Casey

Innis Casey and Levi

Robert Patrick

Levi and Robert Patrick


Lee Vervoort, Levi, Jamey DiDomenico “Kill Speed”

Clerance Williamssml

Levi and Clerance Williams “Attica, Against the wall”

Steve Harris sml

Levi and Steve Harris

Innis Casey and Levi

Levi, Galadrial Stineman, Innis Casey “Junkyard Dog”

Levi and Vivica Fox goofin

Lauren Alaina “Georgia Peach”

Levi and Richard Hunt on “Soldier’s Joy” set

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