Frequently Asked Questions

As a teacher of Self Defense & Confrontation Management, how are your classes structured?

My training programs are driven by concept, not complex techniques. Simplicity and direct physical application will help you adapt and modify your actions to gain advantage over any threat.

My teaching is based more on life lessons than about kicking or punching. I certainly address those issues, but hurting someone doesn’t require skill. Managing a threat requires a basic understanding of human nature. Confrontation Management training provides the basic psychological tools needed to help divert the attack even before it starts. If the confrontation can’t be avoided, physical success can be accomplished through a non-ego driven physical act while maintaining control of your mind and emotions.

My classes are kept small and intimate by design so that everyone gets one-on-one training.

My main focus is to provide training to keep you safe, confident and informed. You must win the street fight AND the legal fight that will most likely follow you into court. Failure is not an option in either case.

I’ll teach you what to watch for from a potential attacker as well as to be aware and control your own body language. It can save your life and those of your loved ones.

Remember – Not everyone that expects to win a fight will win… but, if you don’t expect to win, you’ll certainly lose!

Do I need prior training to participate?
No, you do not need prior training. It is easier for me to create an understanding in a participant with no training than it is to retrain them. Old habits are hard to break, so for those with prior training, an open mind is required to explore new concepts.

Do I need to be in shape?
No, this training is not based on athleticism. The methods are designed to be utilized by everyone – regardless of size, strength or sex.

I have a bad back, can I still participate?
Yes. All training sessions are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness or lack thereof. You will never be placed in a position that will compromise your physical tolerances.

Will I get hurt?
We live by the rule that “if you break your toys, you’ll have nothing to play with”. Utmost care is given in creating a safe training environment that is void of ego or tempers. However, as with all contact training, there is a slight risk of injury.

What do I need for training?
Class needs will be dependent on which training topic you sign up for. A list of required “tools” will be supplied upon acceptance to the session.

What do I wear?
You will train in your street clothes, the same attire you wear daily.

Is everyone accepted?
I require a face to face meeting and a waiver signed prior to a training session to give me a feel of who you are and your desired goals from the training. This helps me identify and filter out those with a domestic violence and/or a felony conviction.

What could keep me from being accepted as a training participant?
A felony and/or domestic violence conviction will negate your option to train at Self Defense Nashville/Lebanon Self Defense. A background check may be performed to verify your information. If you possess a valid handgun carry permit, you will only need to fill out an info sheet and sign the waiver.

How do I sign up?

  • Email me –, or call 615-828-5384 to set up a meet and great. Upon approval and acceptance you will be provided with all pertinent details concerning training.
  • As class sizes are limited, you may pay by Master Card or Visa to reserve your spot in the session.
  • Get ready to TRAIN, LEARN and have FUN!!!


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