Action Accountability

Maintaining The Professional Image

To create the ever-important perception of a true professional, care must be taken to avoid bringing personal attitudes into the professional setting. Failure to do this, will surely brings your intent and motivation into question.

When applying any element of control over another, we should expect our actions to be brought under close scrutiny. It is extremely important that our attitude is truly void of any ill intent. We have freely chosen a profession that by its nature places us in direct contact with the worst of people and environments. As we choose to play OUR role, they have chosen to play theirs. That does not, however, give us license to inflict undo pain or punishment. Taking the physical freedom from most is an act just short of death and the general public is looking for any perception of wrongdoing. Venting frustration towards a subject by using personally motivated language and/or excessive force only re-enforces the attitude of misconduct. Unwavering personal control is required to maintain the perception of a true professional.

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