Matt Charette

Matt CharetteMatt began training with Levi in October of 2003 and brings a very unique perspective to the training environment. His in-depth understanding of Levi’s mental and physical attitudes, and his ability to communicate such, is directly responsible for accelerating the students ability to grasp the concepts and principles in dealing with aggression.

After finding himself facing confrontation. Matt describes his initial interaction with Levi in the following: “After opening my first restaurant, I found myself involved in several verbal and physical confrontations . The methods of dealing with those confrontations, based on my military training, were not appropriate and only served to escalate the level of intensity instead of alleviating the situation.

In an effort to find a better way of ensuring the safety of  my employees, customers and myself, I was introduced to Levi Montgomery who invited me to attend his personal protection class. I was not interested in more military style hand to hand combat or introductory level Karate requiring years of training, thousands of dollars and teaches extremely violent tactics in order to deal with an attacker… but out of politeness, I reluctantly accepted his invitation.

Just a few minutes into the class, I realized that Levi was teaching something very different. An approach that I had never seen before or since. A training in the concepts of real and practical self defense that did not require strength or an advanced level of athletic ability. Nor did it require one to do permanent, violent physical harm to another person. Levi had created a safe environment allowing each student to explore physical confrontations and learn methods of dealing with it while progressing at their own pace. He focused on retraining the effects of human nature, managing contact panic and identifying personal limitations…those elements, in all of us, that violent criminals sense and prey on. His methods taught me how to deal with physical and verbal confrontations in a manner that enabled me to respond appropriately to any situation.

The brilliance of Levi’s teaching method is that he wants you to question everything he teaches. His ego is not challenged when asked to prove his methods work… and his unwavering patience to pursue the principles until you understand it and have proven it to yourself. Levi openly shares his years of experience and wealth of knowledge allowing every student the opportunity to utilize and develop their own personal strengths. He encourages creativity by continually enforcing his attitude of right and wrong technique…”If you got hurt, whatever you did was wrong. If whatever you did worked, it was right”.

I have successfully applied those same training principles and concepts into my daily life to help me find perspective in my personal relationships and business dealings”.

Matt Charette’s Instructor Qualifications

Certified Instructor
Physical Confrontation Management, BASETAC Training Center

United States Marine Corps
(1988 – 1992)
Deployments: Operation Desert Storm
Awards: Combat Action Ribbon, Navy Achievement Medal, Liberation of Kuwait – Kuwaiti Medal, Liberation of Kuwait – Saudi Arabia Medal, National Defense Medal

BA – University Studies, MTSU
AS – Business Administration, STCC

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