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“You’re first line of defense is a strong sense of offensive awareness,” says Priority One’s Levi Montgomery, “meaning you’re always looking and sensing for something that does not feel right.”

This philosophy lies at the core of Priority One’s BASETAC educational strategies. Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Nashville, TN., our company is committed to teaching the strategies, attitudes and skills you need to manage and survive situations involving physical confrontation.

Whether you’re a federal, state or county law enforcement official, a member of the military, or a law-abiding citizen who wants to know how to protect yourself, we offer a full slate of training options.

For law enforcement and military customers, we offer instructor certification courses in most of our training programs. With safety as priority one, you’ll learn subtle, yet highly effective techniques to gain subject compliance while taking into account viewer perception during all levels of force application. The methods we teach are designed to maintain your professional image and to have a calming effect on bystanders.

For the law-abiding public, personal self-defense and home security training are the focus. Our “SAFE by CHOICE” programs offer personal protection classes covering a variety of topics, from basic to advanced: from the rules of engagement to developing an offensive mindset, from the use of a tactical baton or an edged weapon to managing a handgun under stress, and more. Interested in one-on-one sessions? We can accommodate that, too.

Priority One’s BASETAC Training Center, which opened in the fall of 2003, is a secure and private facility that is home to our administrative offices, as well as a floating deck, padded workout area, classroom area and showers. It also houses Julia’s Body Shop, a private gym for specialized physical training and “boot camp” programs operated by Julia Ledbetter, co-owner of Priority One. Julia’s personal training and daily boot camp sessions use cardio and weight training for better health and weight management.

A.C.T. Now!

Our approach to personal safety is based on BASETAC’s A.C.T. formula…

The attitude you display will encourage OR discourage the interaction between you and the attacker. One of our goals is to help you develop a survival attitude by learning the appropriate response options available to you in time of need. Once understood, you will be operating at peak performance equipped with the most essential elements of self-defense …awareness and confidence.

The personal commitment required to survive an attack is no less than the total commitment a mother makes in protecting her child from harm. Our commitment, is to provide you with the training necessary to control contact panic while achieving a realist perception of the true threat. Once recognized, you will be able to respond in an exceedingly effective manner.

Priority One’s training process:

  1. Implementing a training program based on environmental realism and repetition.
  2. Learning offensive and defensive control techniques that are not dependent upon size, strength or an open environment to accomplish.
  3. Have the option and ability to control, render unconscious or terminate the attackers ability to continue, with out appearing extreme to those observing.

Action Accountability

Maintaining The Professional Image
To create the ever-important perception of a true professional, care must be taken to avoid bringing personal attitudes into the professional setting. Failure to do this, will surely brings your intent and motivation into question.

When applying any element of control over another, we should expect our actions to be brought under close scrutiny. It is extremely important that our attitude is truly void of any ill intent. We have freely chosen a profession that by its nature places us in direct contact with the worst of people and environments. As we choose to play OUR role, they have chosen to play theirs. That does not, however, give us license to inflict undo pain or punishment. Taking the physical freedom from most is an act just short of death and the general public is looking for any perception of wrongdoing. Venting frustration towards a subject by using personally motivated language and/or excessive force only re-enforces the attitude of misconduct. Unwavering personal control is required to maintain the perception of a true professional.

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