Juanita Copeland5 star Levi helped me get “me” and my confidence back after a horrible stalker situation. I am forever in his debt – GREAT teacher!! Have recommended him to many friends!
Eric Kyle5 star I was fortunate enough to take this class with Levi in my early twenties, even now I recall and use the information I learned in this class at least once everyday. (15+ years later)
Reese Mead5 star The work and training Levi does is amazing! You will never have a better training experience than this.
Robert Robinson5 star I’ve been training with Levi for about ten years you can’t find training like this anywhere!!!!!
Brandon Campbell5 star Awesome training, great professional teacher!! My first training class and Levi Montgomery definitely knows his stuff!
Kristina Jones5 star First of all, BIG thank you to Levi for his passion and talent to teach! Had the opportunity to take the Edged Weapon short course and found it to be truly comprehensive and eye opening. I walked away with a HUGE respect for knives and the power an individual has while using a knife.
Levi does a fantastic job of taking you through material, one step at a time. It’s apparent that he’s well prepared and has a thoughtful presentation which is given in a clear and concise way. This guy knows what he’s talking about, and knows how to communicate effectively.
If Levi has any egoic tendencies he checks them at the door, which is essential for people like me who are alert to individuals who teach with their ego attached. Levi is relaxed, yet focused and vigilant…exactly what you want in an instructor.
The training environment is open and accepting. There is no ego present with the other students and as a woman, I would encourage other women to strongly consider looking into his self defense courses. There is nothing better than knowing how to defend yourself and building confidence in your abilities. In the end, the only one responsible for your personal safety is you!
Hank Robinson5 star I just recently started training with Levi and not only am I having a blast, but I’m learning from the best. His knowledge of the human body is more impressive than I can express in words. Today I attended his Edged Weapons Training and I have a whole new respect for the everyday pocket knife, just for starters. I will also be more aware of my surroundings at all times. I highly recommend that anyone who wants the highest quality training in edged weapons or any category of self defense, go see Levi. You will receive the best hands on training you can find!
Dr Hugh Berryman5 star Levi offers a rare combination within education. He combines mastery of the martial arts and defensive tactics with a clear, concise lecture style that rivets students to the subject matter. In short, he is excellent!
Roy L. DePue5 star I would recommend Levi’s classes to everyone. His common sense approach to self-defense is one that anyone can greatly benefit from.
Matthew Charette5 star Levi and his training have been an invaluable resource for me not only in the way I conduct and control my businesses but the way that I live my life. He stresses making you feel comfortable in class so that you can learn to be more comfortable in confrontation. It works!
Melissa Fielder5 star I would recommend Levi’s class to any company or organization that cares about the security and safety of their employees or members.
Michelle Jacobs5 star My story;
After an uneventful night at work, I was sitting in my car at the edge of the parking lot waiting on a car to pass so I could pull out onto the street and go home. As I was waiting, two guys were walking past the front of my car. One stepped up to the driver side window and asked to borrow my phone to call his mama. In a “motherly” moment, I rolled my window partly down and turned reaching for my phone in the passenger seat. As I turned back to hand him the phone, he grabbed it away from me and stuck a gun to my head. He was screaming, “bitch get out of the car! I’m going to shoot you bitch! Get out of the car I’m going to kill you!” I was begging him, “Please don’t do this! Please don’t shoot!” Having just got off work, my gun was between my driver’s seat and the console; I could feel it under my elbow the whole time. The other guy was at the passenger side of my car and was attempting to open the door. Fortunately, it was locked because the car was in gear. With his right hand, the attacker at my driver’s door, held the gun against my head while reaching inside the car with his left hand to unlock the door. Before he was able to unlock it, my phone rang really loud over the in-car Bluetooth, startling all of us. I realized my chance and grabbed my gun. I leaned back towards the passenger seat and fired out the driver side window. It was dark and all I could see was him pointing the gun in the window at me. Both of them ran away taking my phone with them. I drove to the nearest business and called the police who arrived and followed me back to the scene. I showed them where I had been parked and they were able to locate blood droplets in the area where the attacker had been standing. This was the first indication that I had struck the attacker when I fired. I was able to point out the direction that the two attackers ran off in and the officers followed the blood trail to a point where they must have gotten into a vehicle. Within approximately 15 minutes, someone showed up at Vanderbilt Hospital with a gunshot wound to their hand. When asked, he said a white woman shot him while he was walking down the road. By the time the detectives interviewed him, he admitted to attempting to carjack me. He told the detectives he was two seconds from shooting me because I wouldn’t get out of the car. When asked what he was going to do if I did get out, he just shrugged. One detective asked, “Where you going to shoot her anyway?” and he responded, “Maybe, probably yeah”.
I went to court Tuesday. Turns out he’s a 17 year old juvenile. He’d been convicted three times of aggravated armed robbery and has a 17 page rap sheet…but because he’s a juvenile, he was out from detention on a weekend pass. He had gotten out at 4 p.m. and by midnight, he was attacking me.
After I was able to calm down and think about what happened, I realized that my training from Levi had honestly saved my life. Had it not been for his teachings, the gun drills, the being put under pressure and having to react, recognizing an opportunity in times of distraction, firing from compromised positions, firing drills from inside a vehicle, being careful not to shoot yourself when under pressure…oh, the list goes on. I know that there is much more that I’m forgetting. Blame it on my head not my heart. There was SO much that happened in such a very short time.
I don’t even know how to thank you Levi, but to say I’m alive today only because I trained with you. Your dedication to teaching and sharing real life-saving strategies really works!!


Greg Crain5 star As a law enforcement officer I have received some of the best training that I have had from Levi. His approach to training is second to none.

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